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For Some Children, Football Is More Than A Game.

Football has a long and proud tradition in Ghana. It’s a way of life. Especially since early 2000, Ghana has produced some of the world’s best young players that rose to stardom in Europe. Unfortunately, back home, the conditions in which our young players have to train and develop are dire. If you visit rural areas of Ghana, you will see smiling children playing their favorite game with plastic bags made into the ball instead of balls, barefoot in the mud or on the hard dry stoned dirt. It’s such a pity that those children do not have the opportunity to develop, both in football and in education. Almost 70% of the talented youth in Ghana is never scouted. They settle for other jobs in order to make ends meet. They dream is over before it even started.


Scoring Against Poverty.

My name is Kim Grant and I’m a former international and professional player. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have made it to the top-level. After many successful years in the English & European professional top Leagues, I decided to return to my place of birth and looking give something back to the youth giving them the opportunity to follow their dreams. Football is more than a game here. It’s a way out. It’s a dream. Through football, they seek to overcome poverty, adversity and find the courage and motivation to chase their dream of having a better life. Every child who has ever kicked a ball is dreaming of signing a big contract and earning a living through football as a professional football player. Unfortunately, for many of them, life has other plans. That’s why it’s extremely important to focus not only on football but also on education. With that in mind, I’m hoping with you help and support I’m able establish a professional football academy complex  in  the western region of Ghana called Kim Grant International Football Academy (KG-IFA), which has been a pioneer in offering underprivileged children/youth a chance to play the game they love and to have access to high-quality education. The plan is aggressive and bold – but with your help I know we can make this dream a reality.


 Football Can Unite The World.

Imagine having to train on an empty stomach. Imagine having to play football with ripped shoes and boots. Imagine not having a doctor or medicine to be treated for injuries or illnesses right away. Children & the youth in Ghana have to constantly face such issues. But their love for football is greater than their problems. This is exactly what football is all about. KG-IFA has the opportunity to offer children to have top-notch training facilities, professional training equipment and the inclusion of world-class educational programs.

Dominating The Pitch Of Life.

KG-IFA  complex facility is not a conventional football academy. My aim is to help our youth become better both in football and above all, in life. Educating the players will be a top priority for the academy, It focuses on providing the best academy schooling and educational programs, the best-qualified coaching staff for football tutoring, investing in quality training equipment, management Infrastructures, new coaching methods to our student-athletes. Offering underprivileged children, youth and the local community access which most can’t afford, professional training facilities, accommodation, and food. Sadly, the government and the Ghana football association extremely shows the lack of interest in youth and grassroots development, so we have to turn to you, the loyal football aficionados, for help.

Our Dream Is To Create A Generation Of Winners.

Your invaluable support will allow me to not only establish this academy but also provide them with a source of food, athletic gear, clothing, accommodation, and education. I want to prepare our academy youth not only for the great development of the talented abilities & competitive football matches but for the greatest challenge, Life. We want the children not to give up on their dreams and to have every right to have the opportunity to develop and learn at the same time.

The First Professionally Run Academy In Western Region of Ghana.

Not only will your help give young, poor children the opportunity to be trained and be educated by experts, it will also improve the whole rural area and the community in the western region of Ghana. Having a professionally run football club and academy will create more jobs, and increase international exposure, encourage more international matches to be played here and boost economic growth in its rural areas. Your donations are fundamental to our region’s success.




Football Can Play In Integral Role In The Development Of Our Region.

Kim Grant International Football Academy will be the first premier sporting hub in the western region. Our goal is to encourage the development of the sports industry and education through top-class facilities, excellent education system, and unparalleled commitment. Not only will be youth encouraged to adopt sports as a key part of their lives but develop Sports Excellence and Participation, with the innovative sports hub creating unmatched opportunities for sports-related enterprises, federations, and organizations to access a massive audience.

Development of Youth at the Academy

All coaches will be qualified and licensed.

Football will be treated as an academic subject, so that talented players can pursue football while they study.

Football facilities will be developed and maintained in excellent condition.

Daily coaching and education will instill a sense of professionalism and hard work in the youth academy players at an early age.

Nurturing Ghana’s Finest Football Talents.

Our vision is a bold one.  KG-IFA complex will have 4 training fields, 2 mini pitches, including 1 all-weather 3rd generation football pitch and 3 natural grass fields. Having such excellent facilities is unprecedented in the rural areas of in the Western region or in Ghana. In addition, we plan on creating a private school and on-site accommodation for all the athletes. We dream of developing outstanding football players as well as educated, mature and independent individuals, ready to face all the challenges on and off the football pitch!.

Your Help Will Make Everything Possible.

The KG-IFA complex will include the following, top-quality facilities:

  • 4 football pitches (1 all-weather & 3 grass fields + 2 mini pitches)

  • Administrative Offices

  • Medical Center

  • Fitness Room

  • Changing Rooms

  • Laundry Room

  • Utilities Lodging For Players

  • Parking Storage

  • Accommodation

  • Education Center

  • Conference rooms

  • The sports hub complex will look;

  • To combine Sports, high-quality Education & Sports.

  • To provide a platform for young players from Ghana and Africa to leverage and achieve their dream and compete against the best world top professional leagues.

  • To expand the scope of the sporting hub building further facilities and amenities to enhance the vision of the KG-IFA project to better lives.

  • To develop the Sports Industry, Sports Excellence, and Participation.

  • To be the first to invite foreign International & professional football clubs/ teams to use the facilities to play matches during their winter and summer breaks from their professional football leagues from Europe and internationally.

  • To be the first professionally run soccer academy in Takoradi City and the western region of Ghana.

  • Rewards for future investors or sponsors, there will be incentives as part of their investments and participation in this fantastic project.


A Life-Changing Journey That Can Start Today.

As a former player, I know how important it is to support and encourage youth to keep on dreaming. I was part of the initial promotional push in Ghana and supporter of 1-Goal project education for all, an ambitious non-profit organization that promotes educational goals across the globe. To date, more than 40 million children have enrolled in schools and run productive, healthy lives through our efforts. I am dedicated to bringing the same level of excitement and commitment to the KG-IFA and doing my utmost to change the lives and future of children in the western region of Ghana. But I need your help.



You Can Be A Part Of Our Success Story.

By donating you are helping young, underprivileged children of Ghana start dreaming again. Football here is a way out of poverty. Maybe your generous contributions will help the future stars of world football develop and get scouted. Or maybe you are helping poor children gain access to education and improve their lives.

Imagine the feeling. No matter the amount you can donate, it is vitally important to our cause. So, why not make the dreams of the next football stars, a wonderful reality?

Let’s Build A Future Filled With Hope & Promise For The Children!